Our Family

The Secret Place is our home.

We are a young family descending from the Rungus tribe. My wife and I, together with our 7 kids, run our small Cafe & Camping with great passion.

We have always lived here and we love our culture and our land, that is why we love to welcome here tourists and travelers from all over the world to make them part of the family and let them live our life even for few days.

The Beach

Our Secret Place faces directly this beautiful beach, which is part of the Tip of Borneo area.

The beach is an incredible hidden gem, basically always deserted. Together with the lovely little bar hut on the left side of the beach, we are the only one facing this beach.

Here you can relax on the soft white sand or on our hammocks, swim in the incredible blue sea, explore the little, wild island you can see in the picture (it is possible to walk to the island with low tide!).